Custom Designs

Step 1: Consultation


Schedule a complimentary appointment with our design team for a brief consultation about the piece you would like to design



Step 2: Concept


Our design team will take your ideas, drawings, images and work together with you to create design concept.


Step 3: Sketches/ Wax Models



Once your design concept has been finalized and an order has been placed, we will create either a wax model or a computerized cad using our newly innovated program to help you envision the final product.



Step 4:  Production/Approval


Upon your final approval, casting, finishing and stone setting all takes place in this process

Book an in  store Appointment 613-542-4666 or email us


Sourcing Diamonds/ Precious Metals and Material


We carefully hand select each diamond and gemstones based on a strict set of criteria so that it has the absolute maximum brilliance, sparkle and fire.
Frontenac Jewellers proudly supplies certified non-conflict free diamonds as well as Certified Canadian Diamonds.  




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