Purchasing Tips

We suggest that you purchase your diamond from a trusted retailer after having personally reviewed and selected it.  Some companies sell diamonds online and sometimes people are tempted to buy based upon price alone.  Here is what you need to know before you even consider purchasing a diamond online.


Even diamonds with the exact same grade can appear differently.  For example, the position of the inclusions in two diamonds with the same grade can affect the overall beauty of the stone.  That’s why you need to view the stones yourself with the advice of the expert we have on staff.


Different gem labs have different standards for grading and a grade is one person’s opinion.  When a diamond has a clarity or cut grade that is border line, the person doing the examination has to make a judgment.  The judgments affect the price of the diamond


Most Canadian diamonds are not sold online but instead sold through jewelers.  If you are looking for a Canadian Diamond, We have access to a wider number of diamonds.




We accept cash, certified cheque, American Express, Mastercard, Visa. Please speak to a sales associate for information regarding installment payments.