Watch Repair

Some of our services include



Watch battery installation

Case and band repairs

Bracelet sizing


Crown Stem Replacements 

Movement conversions





Preserving your timepiece is an important component for maintaining longevity of your wrist watch.  The following are a few steps you can take,


Avoid consistent contact with chemicals such as cosmetics, fragrances, detergents, solvents, etc, as prolonged exposure may damage the case, guasket, leather straps and or bracelet of your watch.


Most watches, no matter what the BAR or water resistance rating , are not suitable  for scuba diving.  If the watch is not rated @ 20 BAR or above then it absolutely should not be used for scuba diving


Do not pull out the crown or use any buttons on the watch while under water or in water, to do so will instantly allow water to enter the watch


If you have a mechanical watch it needs to be serviced at least every 5-7 years whether you wear it or not.  Dirt builds up, oils dry out making watch parts wear out faster than they should


Magnets can cause your watch to run slow, fast or completely stop. Mechanical watches should not be exposed to anything containing a magnet as it will prevent your watch from working properly. Avoid placing your watch near subtle permanent magnets, like those found in, computers, speakers, refrigerators, hook magnets and cell phones.  If your watch needs to be demagnetized, bring it into Frontenac Jewellers for service.


Never adjust the date on your watch when the hour hand is between 9 and 3 o’clock (clockwise) in order to prevent damage to your watch movements gears and pinion.


Always remove your timepiece from your wrist before setting the time, otherwise you risk the chance of snapping the stem